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7月21日 物电院 Controlling Thermal Radiation for Large Scale Energy Applications
学术地点 理工楼A225室 主讲人 Xiaobo Yin(University of Colorado Boulde
讲座时间 2017年7月21日上午10:00-12:00

Xiaobo Yin 报告:Controlling Thermal Radiation for Large Scale Energy Applications
报告人:Xiaobo Yin(University of Colorado Boulder)
Micro/nano-structured materials offer significantly new opportunities for high efficiency devices and systems for energy harvesting, conversion and storage. Fundamental understanding at the small scale enables us to design structures and materials with unprecedented performances.  However, there is a tremendous gap between the proof-of-principle demonstration at small scale and the intrinsically large scale real-world thermal and energy systems.  As one example, energy use for cooling and air conditioning is poised to increase dramatically over the next several decades driven by population, climate and economics. In this talk, I will give an overview on our research progress and, more specifically, present our recent development on thermal radiation control for large scale radiative cooling applications. We demonstrated the scalable manufactured micro-optical composite with extreme light-material interaction provides a 24/7 continuous cooling power of 110 W/m2 without consuming electricity or water.

Dr. Xiaobo Yin received his PhD from Stanford University in 2008 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research focuses on radiative heat transfer, high temperature materials, and scalable manufacturing. He authored and co-authored more than 60 journal publications with 1,800 citations annually. His works have been featured on numerous media outlets including Physics Today, Scientific American, the Economists, and Forbes.  
Selected Publications
> 70 journal publications; annual citations > 1700; total citations > 7800;  H-index of 42;
40 plenary and invited conference talks since joining CU-Boulder in Aug. 2013;
Media coverage on the Economist, Forbes, MSNBC, BBC, CBS, Discovery News, Science, Nature, Scientific American, Physics Today, PC Magazine, etc.;
1. Y. Zhai, Y. G. Ma, S. N. David, D. L. Zhao, G. Tan, R. G. Yang, X. B. Yin, “Scalable-manufactured Randomized Glass-Polymer Hybrid Metamaterial for Day-time Radiative Cooling”, Science 355, 1062 (2017); Media coverage on the Economist, Forbes, BBC, CCTV, Weather Channel, R&D Magazine, Energy & Environment News, Scientific America, Nature, Science, Physics Todays, etc.
2. X. B. Yin, Z. L. Ye, D. A. Chenet, Y. Ye, K. O’Brien, J. C. Hone, and X. Zhang, “Edge Nonlinear Optics on a MoS2 Atomic Monolayer”, Science 344, 488 (2014).
3. Z. L. Ye, T. Cao, K. O’Brien, H. Y. Zhu, X. B. Yin, Y. Wang, S. G. Louie, and X. Zhang, “Probing excitonic dark states in single-layer tungsten disulphide”, Nature 513, 214 (2014).
4. X. B. Yin, Z. L. Ye, J. Rho, Y. Wang, and X. Zhang, “Photonic Spin-Hall Effect at Metasurfaces”, Science 339, 1405 (2013).
5. H. Suchowski, K. O'Brien, Z. J. Wong, A. Salandrino, X. B. Yin, and X. Zhang, “Phase Mismatch-Free Nonlinear Propagation in Optical Zero-Index Materials”, Science 342, 1223 (2013).
6. X. B. Yin and X. Zhang, “Unidirectional light propagation at exceptional points”, Nature Materials 12, 175 (2013).
7. M. Liu*, X. B. Yin*, E. Ulin-Avila1, B. S. Geng, T. Zentgraf, L. Ju, F. Wang, and X. Zhang, “A graphene-based broadband optical modulator”, Nature 474, 64 (2011).
8. C. Hu, A. Labno, C. Lu, X. B. Yin, M. Liu, C. Gladden, Y. M. Liu, X. Zhang, “Probing the electromagnetic field of a 15nm sized hotspot by single molecule imaging”, Nature 469, 385 (2011).

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