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4月21日 经管中心 The Cultural Revolution and Marital Delay in China
学术地点 水教213 主讲人 李雪 经济管理研究中心助理教授
讲座时间 2017年4月21日上午10点

主题: The Cultural Revolution and Marital Delay in China

主讲人:李雪 经济管理研究中心助理教授
摘要: This paper empirically studies the impacts of intense exposure to the Cultural Revolution on individual’s marriage decisions in China:timing of first marriage and denial in marriage. Consistent evidences from multiple national census datasets indicate that the intensely affected cohorts’ first marriages have been delayed by 1.2-2 years on average and more of them keep single. We also find heterogeneous effects across population in accordance with historical events. More substantial delaying effects are observed for females, urban resident, groups classified as bad social status and those who encountered multiple disruptions as well as those who primarily experienced disturbances in adolescence. These findings are robust to different identification strategies, model specifications, contemporary comparisons and various datasets.

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