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信科院:Spaced Seed Technique for DNA Sequence Comparison
学术地点 软件大楼 542 室 主讲人 Louxin Zhang, National University of Sin
讲座时间 2017年9月25日 15:00

主题:Spaced Seed Technique for DNA Sequence Comparison

报告人: Louxin Zhang, National University of Singapore

报告时间:2017年9月25日 15:00

报告地点: 澳门太阳集团官方网址 软件大楼 542 室


Decoding DNA information creates formidable computational challenges in data storage and analysis. Thirty years ago, there were little sequences, but computer was slow. Presently, computers are improving at a rate much less than the rate sequencing machines are. With thousands of so-called next-generation sequencers sitting in medical laboratories and hospitals across the world, DNA sequence data have been increasing about three- to five-fold every year since 2008.In this talk, I will discuss the space seed technique for DNA sequence comparison and explain why it is powerful using simple mathematics. I will also discuss some other on-going works related to comparative genomics.


Louxin Zhang obtained the PhD degree in computer science from University of Waterloo, Canada, and now is a Professor of bioinformatics at the National University of Singapore. His current research is in bioinformatics in comparative genomics, protein networks and cancer biology.  He has made significant contribution to the study of phylogenetic networks and sequence comparison.  He has actively published in top-notch computer science and biology journals, including Journal of the ACM, SIAM J. Computing, Genome Research, and Nature Communications, and conferences such as ECCB and RECOMB. He also wrote a monograph on sequence comparison (published by Springer) and a bioinformatics textbook (in Chinese, published by High Education Press, Beijing).  He served as the Area Co-Chair for the Evolution and Comparative Genomics track of the 23rd Annual Conference on Intelligent and Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) and 14th Annual European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), jointly held at Dublin in 2015.


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