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化工院:Electrolytic production of carbon in molten salts
学术地点 新化工楼 D204 主讲人 George Z. Chen
讲座时间 2018年5月14日(星期一)下午三点

报告题目: Electrolytic production of carbon in molten salts

报告人:George Z. Chen (陈政) Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK – China - Malaysia


报告地点:新化工楼 D204

Carbon can be processed to possess unique micro- and nano-structures that are required for charge and hence energy storage via electrochemical means. Because of the plentiful and cheap availability of carbon from fossil resources and biomass, it seems commercially meaningless to extract carbon from other natural resources such as carbonate minerals and CO2 in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, academic curiosity did invoke several early studies on electrochemical reduction of carbonate ions to solid carbon in high temperature molten salts in mid 1960s. While its commercial feasibility is still not yet confirmed, electrochemical reduction of CO2 in molten salts has gained new interests for other reasons such as the climate impact of CO2 emission, and the prospect of capturing and utilisation of the CO2 for various material and energy objectives.

In this presentation, the fundamental and practical aspects of electrochemical reduction of CO2 in molten salts will be described with examples directly from laboratory experiments. Particularly, the characteristics of differently prepared electrolytic carbon samples and their promises for electrochemical energy storage in supercapacitors will be reported and discussed.


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