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经贸院:Revenue Management: Challenges and Opportunities
学术地点 澳门太阳集团官方网址财院校区行政楼401 主讲人 Prof. Xin Chen
讲座时间 5月24日 (周四)上午9:00-11:00

Title: Revenue Management: Challenges and Opportunities

主讲人:Prof. Xin Chen

时间:5月24日 (周四)上午9:00-11:00


Abstract: Recent years witness phenomenal growth of active academic research on revenue management and successful deployments of innovative revenue management strategies in a variety of industries. In this talk, I willpresent a brief overview of this fascinating research area. I will focus on several key models including network capacity allocation problems and dynamic pricing problems with reference price effects, and highlight the challenges and opportunities.

Xin Chen is a professor, an Abel Bliss Faculty Scholar and the Jerry S. Dobrovolny Faculty Scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He obtained his PhD from MIT in 2003, MS from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1998 and BS from Xiangtan University in 1995. His research interest lies in optimization, data analytics, revenue management and supply chain management. He received the Informs revenue management and pricing section prize in 2009. He is the coauthor of the book “The Logic of Logistics: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Second Edition, 2005, & Third Edition, 2014)”, and serving as an associate editor of several journals including Operations Research, Management Science, Mathematics of Operation Research and Production and Operations Management.

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