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学术地点 澳门太阳集团官方网址财院校区行政楼401 主讲人 香港岭南大学经济系 姚羽欣访问助理教授
讲座时间 2018年6月7日(周四)上午10:00-11:30pm


英文:Sex Ratio and Timing of the First Marriage: Evidence from the One-and-A-Half-Children Policy in China


报告人:姚羽欣 香港岭南大学经济系 访问助理教授(Visiting Assistant Professor)、荷兰丁伯根大学(Tilburg University)博士。





This paper studies how sex imbalance in the marriage market affects the timing of the first marriage. As a major relaxation of the one-child policy in China during the 1980s, the “one-and-a-half-children” policy was implemented to allow extra births, conditional on the gender of the first child. Rural residents are allowed to have a second child only if the first child is female. Due to the stronger son preference at higher order births, this policy change increases the incentive of parents to have male children rather than female children and conduct sex-selective abortions. Thus, this led to a male-biased sex ratio at birth in the 1980s and an excess supply of males in marriage market after 2000. Based on data from China Family Panel Studies 2014 and the Chinese Census 2000, I estimate the effect of sex ratio on the timing of the first marriage by exploiting the exogenous variation of the policy implementation across regions and cohorts. From a difference-in-difference approach with mixture proportional hazard models, I find that the first marriage is significantly delayed in regions with a high sex ratio. The delaying effects are significant for both males and females, though less significant and smaller for females. The fact that females also delay the first marriage is because they set a higher reservation wage in response to an excess supply of males in the marriage market.


姚羽欣博士的研究领域包括Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Education, Demographic Economics。姚博士的研究成果发表在国际著名期刊Economics of Education Review,Labour Economics。姚博士将与我们分享最新的经济学研究方法,尤其是劳动经济学的研究范式,如同群效应研究。


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