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机械院:Data-driven Surface Topographic Measurement
学术地点 机械学院316报告厅 主讲人 Dr.Cheng Fang(ARTC新加坡先进再制造技术中心)
讲座时间 2018年11月1日上午9:00

11月1日新加坡先进再制造技术中心(Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, Singapore)DrCheng Fang学术报告

报告题目:Data-driven Surface Topographic Measurement

主讲人:Dr.Cheng Fang(ARTC新加坡先进再制造技术中心)




主讲人简介:Dr Cheng Fang received his PhD in 2010 from Hefei University of Technology. Before he joined ARTC (Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, Singapore), he worked as post-doc research fellow in National Taiwan University and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Currently he is the Inspection Technical Lead in ARTC and distinguished professor in Huaqiao University, China. He has more than 30 publications in areas of 3D measurement, sensing technology, optics and advanced manufacturing technology. Currently his research interests focus on machine vision, in-line dimensional inspection, surface metrology, dynamic defect detection and artificial intelligence.


Surface topographic measurement is an important tool for quality verification by revealing surface roughness, waviness and other information of surface textures. A typical surface topographic measurement system consists of a 1D/2D motion stage for lateral scanning, a high-accuracy displacement sensor for height measurement, and data analysis algorithm based on ISO 4288 or ISO 25178. In the report, latest technical enablers for surface topographic measurement are discussed. New applications and challenges of surface topographic measurement are also addressed in the report, such as surface measurement for Additive Manufacturing parts, highly polished surfaces and free-form geometries.

In-line surface measurement is another topic in this report. Direct data transfer with minimum physical transport is a key requirement of industry 4.0. Therefore novel in-line surface measurement techniques are proposed in this report, including sensing techniques, displacement feedback and robotic integration. Compared with conventional laboratory systems, the proposed techniques show higher robustness and better portability with insignificant loss of accuracy.

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