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数学院:On Bayesian inference for Queueing models --- Application on JSQ model
学术地点 数学院425 主讲人 Yiqiang Q. Zhao, School of Mathematics a
讲座时间 11月1日10:00-10:45

学术报告题目: On Bayesian inference for Queueing models --- Application on JSQ model
报告人:Yiqiang Q. Zhao, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University



报告摘要: In this talk, we describe challenges in modeling and analyzing queueing systems with incomplete information or delayed information, which is often the case arising from large-scaled systems with dependence such as various Internet applications involving big data. We try to use Bayesian approach to do inference for queueing models. We first start with a simple example to demonstrate basic ideas and concepts and then show how Bayesian approach works for the join-the-shortest-queue (JSQ for short) model with two parallel queues, where the servers may be heterogeneous. This is an ongoing research and since in practice, the complete data are not always (or seldom) available, our goal is to deal with the uncertainty of the JSQ parameters in case of missing information. The uncertainty is, indeed, caused by the lack of information (to the observer or customers) about the desired queueing model, resulted in situations where the shortest queue is not always assigned (by the system) to the upcoming jobs. We hope to show how a Bayesian approach can be applied to estimate unknown system parameters and to how the prediction can help the system to assign the shortest queue to the upcoming jobs more accurately.

This talk is based on the joint work with Ehssan Ghashim.

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