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化工院:Supramolecular Polymerization: Its Scope and Potentials
学术地点 新化工楼 B区106 主讲人 Daigo Miyajima
讲座时间 2019年3月22日10:00

Supramolecular Polymerization: Its Scope and Potentials

报告人:Daigo Miyajima


时   间: 2019年3月22日10:00

地   点: 新化工楼 B区106

摘要:In 2015, we developed the first chain-growth type supramolecular polymerization, which allows us to control the length and stereochemistry of the supramolecular polymers. In this lecture, I will introduce on our research progresses on supramolecular polymerization and discuss the scope and potentials of supramolecular polymerization.

简介:Dr. Daigo Miyajima received his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Takuzo Aida in The University of Tokyo in 2013.  During his PhD course, he joined the research group of Prof. Craig Hawker in UCSB for one-year to study polymer science.  Just after finishing his PhD course, he started his academic career at Riken as a sub-group leader of Aida’s Group.  From the last October in 2018, he became an independent PI, a unit leader in RIKEN, and started his new research career.

So far, he has four publications in Science, Nature Materials and Nature Chemistry as a first or corresponding author.  He received various awards such as President’s Award of the university of Tokyo (2013), Ikushi prize (2013), The Young Scientist’s Prize by the minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology (2018), and so on.



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