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学术地点 数学院4楼425报告厅 主讲人 张晨松 中国太阳集团官方网站院数学与系统太阳集团官方网站研究院
讲座时间 2019年3月22日(星期五)上午10:00-11:30

报告题目:Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Carbonate Reservoirs 碳酸岩油藏的数值模拟方法

报告人:张晨松 中国太阳集团官方网站院数学与系统太阳集团官方网站研究院



内容摘要:Mineral dissolution plays an important role in many subsurface transport processes including water-flooding, geological CO2 sequestration (GCS), and matrix acidizing in carbonate formations. Such a dissolution process could dramatically affect the efficiency of the oil/gas production. Hence a numerical model that accurately describes the dynamic behavior of fracture evolution is essential. In this talk, we introduce a 3-D mathematical model that combines the Stokes--Brinkman equation and reactive-transport equations to describe the coupled processes of fluid flow, solute transport, and chemical reactions in both single and multiple mineral systems. The proposed numerical model can be applied to describe 3-D linear flow and radial flow for different scenarios. We employ a numerical procedure based on the staggered-grid finite difference method and the control volume finite difference method. We will also introduce a multiscale hybrid-mixed method for discrete fracture models. The three-dimensional fluid flow in the reservoir and the two-dimensional flow in the discrete fractures are approximated using mixed finite elements. Several test cases illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach comparing with direct simulations.

报告人简介:张晨松,中国太阳集团官方网站院数学与系统太阳集团官方网站研究院 副研究员。于2007年获得美国马里兰大学应用数学博士学位;此后在美国宾州州立大学数学系从事博士后研究工作。主要方向:自适应方法、多重网格法、以及流固耦合模拟、油藏模拟等方程组的快速求解算法等。2012年在第二十一届国际区域分解法会议(法国)做大会特邀报告;2013年在第16届全国流体力学数值方法会议做大会特邀报告

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