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物电院:Spatio-temporal probe and control of optical properties of low-dimensional materials
学术地点 物电学院A栋316 主讲人 Tao Jiang,University of Colorado Boulder
讲座时间 2019年10月10日10:00

主题:Spatio-temporal probe and control of optical properties of low-dimensional materials

主讲人:Tao Jiang,University of Colorado Boulder





讲座摘要:Low-dimensional materials exhibit many intriguing optical properties, together with the associated strong tunability, enabling advances in the development of ultracompact optical devices. However, probing and controlling the optical properties, especially with high spatio-temporal resolution are the key aspects for the future applications. In this talk I will mainly present the gate and near-field control of optical responses, which are further studied with spatio-temporal resolution. The first part of my talk will focus on the gate-tunable nonlinear optical responses of graphene, as well as the near-field control of excitons in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) by gold tips. The second part I will demonstrate the adiabatic nanofocusing and imaging near-field approach, and the spatio-temporal investigations of graphene and its hybrid plasmonic structures.


Tao Jiang got his BS degree in Physics at East China Normal University in 2010 and obtained his Ph.D. degree in nano-optics of low-dimensional materials under the supervision of Professor Shiwei Wu from Fudan University in 2015. Now he is working as a research associate with Professor Markus Raschke at University of Colorado Boulder. He is interested in both far-field and near-field ultrafast optical properties of low-dimensional materials, and the associated devices. So far, he has several published scientific papers, including first-authored papers in Nature Nanotechnology (2), Nature Photonics (1), Advanced Materials (1) and Nano Letters (2).

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