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洪明辉教授:Light Impacting Our Modern Life
学术地点 综合楼108教室 主讲人 洪明辉教授
讲座时间 2019年3月21日19:00-21:00

岳麓讲坛—创新与创业 总第 686 期

报告题目: Light Impacting Our Modern Life








从事激光微纳加工及检测技术研究,在Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications和Advanced Materials等刊物发表400余篇论文,拥有42项美国、德国和新加坡专利。现任Opto-Electronic Advances执行主编,Light: Science and Applications和《中国太阳集团官方网站 G》等期刊编委。曾获“东盟杰出工程成就奖”、新加坡工程师学会“权威工程成就奖” 和教育部教育服务奖。



Light plays an important role in our modern life. Being as fast as light, it provides the maximum speed allowing for rapid optical sensing and data communication. Being as accurate as light, it offers many reliable approaches to fabricate new-generation digital devices in micro- even nano-scale. Being as colourful as light, it serves as the basis for optical imaging and materials real-time characterization. The unique properties of light are achieving the varieties of innovations and bringing about plenty of new opportunities. In this talk, the beauty of light will be highlighted in both the scopes of (1) High-power applications, such as Laser micro-processing and Nano-fabrication for thin silicon wafer processing, Femtosecond laser precision engineering of man-made bio-skins and High-speed micro-hole drilling, Lotus-leave-like super-hydrophobic structures and metamaterials fabrication; as well as (2) Low-power applications, including white light LED for our home lighting, Optical nano-imaging and Laser diagnostics of cracks inside steel structures and Gas leakage detection. Meanwhile, I will use Laser cleaning of surface contaminations, Laser color marking of metal surfaces, Portable SERS Raman spectroscope, and Optical microsphere nanoscopes being developed in our Optical Science and Engineering Centre of NUS as the case studies to emphasize the importance of technology commercialization for new industries.


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